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Environmental Engineering

Water treatment involves science, engineering, business, and art. The treatment may include mechanical, physical, biological, and chemical methods. As with any technology, science is the foundation, and engineering makes sure that the technology works as designed. More than ten years of expertise, research, and experience in industry, our founders established “Global Consultants & Engineers”.

We are engineers specialized in the field of controlling pollution in Water/Air/Noise and rain water harvesting. The company is run by qualified and experienced engineers who have the support of highly qualified and experienced consultant for design drawing, manufacturing, installation, operation & maintenance of the plant and equipments of industrial pollution control. We have done more than 100s of projects of ETP, STP, WTP, ECS and RO in the various kinds of industries. We can offer you package sewage treatment plant which is useful for school, college, hotels, hospitals & residential colonies. These equipments are of different capacity, transportable, tailor made & very much suitable for your own requirement.

Further we wish to add that we enjoy clear reputation for our quality & timely delivery of material to the satisfaction of our clients. We provide services for residential, commercial and industrial water treatment plants, Our treatment plants are made of quality materials. Our equipments are cost effective, convenient in operation and needs low operation expenses.
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